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Ponte Vedra - Golf, Tennis, and Quality of Life

 Located in the Northeast corner of St. John's County, Ponte Vedra Beach is just South of Jacksonville Beach and is a quick commute to the major metro Jacksonville area. Ponte Vedra Beach (PVB) is the home of the tournament players championship at Sawgrass and the American Tennis Professionals Organization (ATP). The PGA tour and MPS group also come here to compete. PVB also has the luxury of being located within 10-20 minutes of the Mayo Clinic. All around, this area is very fond of golf and tennis, but what might attract some people to this community are the fine houses for sale.

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The Ponte Vedra and Palm Valley area is home to predominately luxury real estate. PVB includes such fine communities as Marsh Landing, Sawgrass, The Plantation, and a wide assortment of multi-million dollar oceanfront residences. No matter where you stay in Ponte Vedra, you're guaranteed a beautiful home.

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Aside from golfing, playing tennis, or going to the beach, you can enjoy some of Ponte Vedra's local restaurants. Some places you might want to try are Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Zoe's Kitchen, Aqua Grill, Lulu's Waterfront Grill, and Pusser's Bar and Grille. No matter where you go, you're sure going to enjoy the food you order from any of these fine restaurants.

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Overall, Ponte Vedra is a very classy and elegant community and even if you just visit the area, you're surely going to be jealous of this fine territory.