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St. Augustine Beach - The Fun Starts Here

St. Augustine Beach is one of the most popular of beaches in St. Johns County. During the summer, the beaches are packed with locals and tourists partly because you can drive on these beaches South of A Street - the first avaiable on ramp if you are coming in from the North. There are many fun activities, whether you want to go surfing, swimming, kite flying, biking or just basking in the sun. 

The pier at the North end of A1A Beach Boulevard is a great place to fish, play beach volleyball or run through the fountains at Splash Park.  If you're interested in playing mini-golf, you can go putting at the Fiesta Falls (toward the Southern end of "The Strip". You can win a free treats at this popular putt-putt place by getting a hole-in-one. The beach is alway bustling with people because it's a fun place.

If you get hungry after a long day at the beach, there are many great local restaurants to try out. You may want to try places like Sunset Grill, Coquina Beach, Cafe' 11, La Cocina, Oasis, or Mango Mango's. Whether you want to enjoy the endless activities full or just dine at the local restaurants, you're guaranteed to have a great time at St. Augustine Beach - don't forget the SPF!


                                           ^ Mango Mango's Beachside Bar & Grill ^


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