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Crescent Beach - Timeless and Unspoiled

Crescent Beach is the Southern area of the barrier island fromStare Road 206 South to Marineland (MLS AREA 8). This portion of the barrier Island is relatively narrow compared to the rest of the Island and in some areas, like Boys Work Subdivision, some lots begin at the ocean and end at the Imtracoastal. There are a number of condominiums along this stretch of the beaches and yet the majority of the area consists of single family homes. Crescent Beach also has its own fire department substation.

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Crescent Beach has many of the usual activities but it is less crowded, especially North of the Crescent Beach ramp and a half mile South of the ramp. Then htere is always the beaches around Matanzas Inlet where fisherman and kite surfers are abundant. Then there is the spectacular Fort Matanzas National Monument Park; where you can take a boat ride to the Southermost fortification of the St. Augustine waterway. There are some great hangouts here like South Beach Grill and the local watering hole - The Sand Bar. This is an Old Florida Beach Town!

   ^South Beach Grill and Pomar's (now under new ownership)  ^