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World Golf Village - Golf's own Center of the Earth

 The World Golf Village is located at I-95 and International Golf Parkway. It is slightly North of the center of our County (St.Johns) but it is the epicenter of the Golf world. Whether your a professional or an amatuer, golfing is customary for those who live and visit here. There are amazing communities to live in that have huge and gorgeous houses. Even if you don't live here, there are amazing hotels to stay in and delicious places to eat at. If you enjoy a lavish lifestyle that revolves around golfing, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful community, then the World Golf Village might be the place for you.

The World Golf Village's most finite golf course is the King & Bear. It is the only golf course Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus collaboratively worked on together. It is an amazing place to golf at if you want to go golfing in the World Golf Village. You can also try out the Slammer & Squire course, one of the best as well. The WGV also offers other anemeties such as the Swim and Tennis Center, Serenata Beach Club, and the PGA Tour Spa Laterra. If you want to go to the movies, the IMAX theater has the largest screens and loudest sound of any other movie theater. Some movies even play in 3D. So even if you just want to golf, this shows that there are still many other great activities that the World Golf Village has to offer.

             ^ King & Bear Golf Course ^                              ^ IMAX Movie Theater ^

If you are only looking to stay here, you might want to spend the night in the World Golf Village Renaissance Resort. They recently had a 10 million dollare renovation that gave the hotel an new Colonial Asian look. The hotel is better than ever and is close to the King & Bear and Slammer & Squire golf courses. If you want to get a bite to eat here, you'll definately want to stop by at the Caddyshack, Fairway's Cafe, Legend's Clubhouse Grill,  and the Champion's Grill. They are excellent restaurants to try out and you'll always have quality food at these places.

Come and visit the prestigious home of golf and play the best 18 holes of your life!